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What we Scots need to know about currency before a second referendum. 

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See Article 6 of the Consultation on the Constitution for Scotland

The Declaration of Arbroath

This 10 minute video introduces the public meeting presentation on the Draft Constitution. 

Learning how the money business works is pretty serious stuff - so in 3 minutes let Tracy Ullman ease you into the right mindset....

Richard Werner

Prof. Richard Werner explains the basic principles in this 7 minute video 

Banking & Society

Banking & Society Part 1 (15 mins) 2008 and still with us in 2018. Why crises happen & will continue to happen.... 

Banking & Society Part 2 (12 mins) Remember nasty old banker Mr Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life"?  He  was going to bankrupt Jimmy Stewart's Building & Loan Mutual... The Thatcher/Reagan cartel did the job for him....

Banking & Society Conclusion (13 mins). How we can put it right - if the politicians will allow it.....

Chicago Plan

Now this is the Diploma Course - for aspiring Finance Ministers and progressive  Educationalists. The man from the IMF at the LSE seriously discussing Monetary Reform. (90 mins)

By this time you will be ready for this virtual International 2018 Conference of Central Bankers and Professors who are in the vanguard of change.... 

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